OfferingsWhat DHRIM Offers

Our Main Offering

DHRIM focuses on delivering workshops and meditation retreats with the help of volunteers.

We Do Our Best

DHRIM provides a proven learning methodology for people to follow in order to achieve maximum benefits.

  • Practical in its approach
  • Experiencial rather than theoretical
  • Intensive to make profound changes

Why Should You Choose Us?

Because we are committed to our mission. We believe that people can forgive and release all painful memories and traumas and live in emotional harmony with all beings in abundance with inner joy.

After more than 5 years of designing and delivering workshops and retreats, we have come to an ideal learning methodology which ensures maximum results quickly.

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Conscious Breathing

Powerful breathing techniques to purify the subconscious mind!.


Conscious Creation

Proven techniques to build a prosperous and healthy life.


Vipassana Retreat

Meditation technique to erradicate the negative subconscious patterns.


Hridaya Retreat

Meditation technique to reconnect and have a heart-based living.


Save Yourself Time and Effort

We Always Create the Real Value and Work with All Passion