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We are a group of people helping others to become more peaceful and harmonious, more aligned with the energy of love and respect for each other, providing always a high level of awareness which helps people recognize their inner Self, follow their intuition and release all limiting and debilitating cellular memories from their bodies, minds and emotions as well as resistance to change.

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Board of Directors


Angeles Marti

Acting President

Angeles has devoted her entire life to helping others as a nun and currently is helping with the administration of a retreat center which organizes all kinds of spiritual activities. Honoring a heart based living is her purpose.

Main Role: Assisting With Logistical Resources




Mildrey Garcia


Mildrey has been managing and organizing spiritual activities for the past 10 years, holds a Masters in Finance and currently takes care of the finances for the organization. Observing the benefits that people get is her motivation.

Main Role: Assisting with management, accounting & budgeting issues




David Crespo


David has been doing retreats and taking solo retreats for over 20 years and currently provides training in workshops and meditation retreats for people to deepen their connection to the heart. Believes we all can change to a heart based living.

Main Role: Facilitator at meditation retreats and workshops.


Overall Supporters

imageDragos Erceanu

Dragos Erceanu

Hridaya Yoga Teacher
imageGiovanna Roca

Giovanna Roca

Spiritual Coach
imageJavier Bonetto

Javier Bonetto

Management Advisor
imageHersh Sharma

Hersh Sharma

Identity & Visibility Advisor

Regional Supporters

imagePaola Narvaez

Paola Narvaez

Sivananda Yoga Teacher
imageYana Schulzchenko

Yana Schulzchenko

Editor & Healer
imageAntoaneta Goitea

Antoaneta Goitea

Women's Workshops
imageCecilia Calabi

Cecilia Calabi

Breathing Workshops
imageAdrienn Csongor

Adrienn Csongor

Breathing Workshops

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